Vision Therapy

Like physical therapy for the eyes and brain.

Vision therapy is a doctor-supervised program designed to correct many common visual disorders and/or improve visual skills.

It's especially useful for treating vision problems that cannot be corrected with eyeglasses, contacts, or surgery alone.

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What is vision therapy used to treat?

Vision therapy is a lot like physical therapy for the eyes and the brain. 

It is typically used to improve focus and range of focus, depth perception, and the ability for the eyes and brain to work together.

A vision therapy program can be used to help with many common vision problems, including:

  • Depth-perception problems
  • Sports vision problems
  • Lazy or crossed eyes
  • Vision-sensory impairments
  • Vision problems caused by traumatic brain injuries or strokes
  • Double vision issues and eye tracking problems
  • Certain reading disabilities

How is a vision therapy program structured?

Your eye care providers will prepare an individualized plan that typically involves in-office visits and take-home assignments.

Treatment sessions are typically once or twice weekly, for about 30-60 minutes.

Vision therapy and learning problems

Any child experiencing reading or learning disabilities should have a comprehensive eye exam to test for vision problems. In cases where the learning problem is vision-related, then vision therapy may be a part of the treatment program.

Some of the signs that your child may have a vision problem affecting their ability to learn include:

  • Not wanting to read or examine their schoolwork closely 
  • Complaints of headaches or their eyes hurting 
  • Lack of attention span during tasks requiring visual attention
  • Signs of problems with remembering imagery or words 
  • Squinting, tilting their head, or closing one eye during visual tasks

Meet our Vision Therapist

Pam Beitling taught at the elementary level in the Park Hill School District for nearly 30 years before pursuing her passion for the vision-learning connection and becoming a vision therapist.  

Pam’s interest in vision therapy was first ignited by her young son’s diagnosis and treatment many years ago.  As a mom and a teacher, Pam was surprised to learn through her son’s experience that vision is so much more than 20/20 eyesight – and moreover, that not just any “eye doctor” automatically hones in on things like a student’s difficulty learning to read and handling school work, or even ADD/ADHD symptoms, as red flags for functional vision or visual processing problems.  

Pam’s mission is not only to tailor therapy to each student’s unique needs, but also to educate parents, teachers, and RN’s in area school districts –equipping them with the tools to spot potential vision problems in students that might be holding them back from success.


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