New to Glasses? Here’s What to Expect.

July 8, 2024

Embarking on your glasses journey?

You'll soon notice some subtle and surprising shifts in your everyday life — quirks and nuances you'd never anticipate. Ready to see how many you've already experienced?

1. Battles with Fog, Steam, and Humidity

Removing the lid from a boiling pot or opening a hot oven can instantly cloak your glasses in fog. This misty dilemma extends to workouts and post-shower bathroom atmospheres. Moreover, those who donned glasses under a mask during the pandemic's peak often waged relentless wars against the fog from their own breath clouding their vision.

2. The 3D Movie Headache

Wearing glasses can make enjoying 3D movies quite challenging, especially if you prefer larger frames. Fitting 3D goggles over your glasses rarely feels comfortable and might even distort the visuals, occasionally causing headaches. For those who are avid fans of 3D films, considering a few pairs of daily disposable contact lenses could be a practical solution.

3. Endless War with Dust and Smudges

Your glasses are bound to collect dust and smudges — unavoidable foes in the life of a glasses wearer. Whether it's airborne particles, stray eyebrow and eyelash hairs, or the inevitable fingerprints from misaimed adjustments, your lenses will gather it all. Mascara wearers might even find streaks on their glasses. Keeping a cleaning cloth and spray handy is essential for maintaining clear vision and spotless lenses.

4. Your Signature Glasses Adjustment

Glasses, even when well-fitted, have a habit of slipping down your nose. How do you nudge them back into place? Do you gently push up on one corner, the bridge, or perhaps the earpiece? Maybe you grasp the lens itself or opt for the less common method of pushing on the frame horns with your thumb and fingers. Interestingly, you might catch yourself making these adjustments even on days when you're not wearing your glasses!

5. Seeing Yourself in a New Light Without Glasses

Glasses quickly become more than an accessory; they feel like an integral part of your facial identity. So much so, you might find it strange to see yourself without them — it's almost like looking at a different person. (This might even lend some credence to how Clark Kent manages to disguise himself as Superman with just a pair of specs!) Transitioning to contact lenses? Prepare for a significant adjustment period, both for yourself and those accustomed to your spectacled look.

6. Frame Selection: Your Personal Style Revolution

Selecting the right frames can completely transform your style. Gone are the days when glasses were merely functional; now, they're a fashion statement. Whether you're aiming for a distinguished, scholarly, or trendy vibe, there's a perfect pair of frames out there to complement your personal flair.

Transform Your Look and Vision with Our Help!

While we often chuckle over the quirky challenges that come with wearing glasses, these are minor compared to the benefits of crisp vision and the stylish impact they bring. Let us guide you in choosing the ideal frames that not only enhance your vision but also elevate your style. If you've been squinting at blurs recently, it's time we cleared that up for you!

What's your glasses story? Share with us your most memorable experiences!

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