Make Makeup Work With Your Glasses

July 1, 2024

Selecting makeup that enhances your facial features can be a delightful challenge.

However, for those who wear glasses, the task becomes a bit more complex. If your prescription significantly alters the size of your eyes, making them appear larger or smaller, you might consider switching to contact lenses, though they come with their own makeup challenges.

Tips for Combining Makeup and Glasses

Here are some effective strategies to ensure your makeup complements your glasses, whether you’re aiming for a natural or bold aesthetic:

  • Pair dark or thick frames with vibrant or bold lipstick to create a balanced look.
  • Apply a bit of primer on your nose to prevent your glasses from slipping — a useful tip for everyone!
  • Opt for neutral or soft eyeshadow tones if your glasses are thick or dark-framed, to help your eyes stand out.
  • Prevent mascara from smudging on your glasses by applying it more at the roots of your lashes than the tips, and consider curling your lashes to keep them clear of the lenses.

Matching Glasses with Makeup Style

Finding the right glasses to match your makeup style is all about balance. If you favor heavy makeup, consider opting for thin or rimless frames. Conversely, if your makeup style is light or understated, thicker or more colorful frames can add a touch of personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles to see what complements your preferred makeup look.

Large frames offer more space for dramatic makeup without overshadowing your features, while smaller frames blend seamlessly without competing with your eyebrows. Assess the trade-offs to find what best meets your beauty objectives.

Adjusting Makeup for Prescription Strength

A strong prescription needn’t dictate your look. If your glasses magnify your eyes, use matte and liquid eyeshadow to give a smaller appearance. Conversely, if your glasses make your eyes look smaller, lighter eyeshadows and liners, along with mascara, can help enlarge their appearance.

Guidance for Contact Lens Wearers

For those who use contact lenses, makeup application is simpler, though it's crucial to focus on eye safety:

  • Always insert contacts before applying makeup and remove them before cleansing your face.
  • Maintain clean hands when handling contacts to avoid contamination.
  • Opt for hypoallergenic makeup to minimize risks.
  • Avoid oil-based or powder eyeshadows, preferring water-based or cream alternatives.
  • Steer clear of applying eyeliner on the waterline to reduce irritation risks.
  • Regularly check the expiration dates on your eye makeup and never share it to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Let Your Personal Style Shine Through

Once you’ve mastered your makeup technique, the right pair of glasses can perfectly complete your look. Visit us to explore our wide selection of frames, and we’d be thrilled to offer our recommendations to enhance your style.

We’re here to ensure you look and see your best!

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